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The Blue Hole on Big Pine Key


The “Blue Hole” is a fresh water sink hole on Big Pine Key. The fresh water floats on sea water below it. During the last big hurricane, a bunch of small Tarpon got stranded in the “Hole.” They cannot get back to the ocean. They are living OK, but are undersized due to the uncongenial fresh water environment they are stuck with. The “Blue Hole” also hosts a coupe of small alligators, a 5 foot female and a 7 foot male. This is a picture of the female. She looks kind of blue here. She is actually green like most alligators.

While we were there she made a run at an iguana on a low branch, but he got away in a hurry. Everyone enjoyed this excursion a lot. I was surprised by how enthusiastic everyone was.

Also saw a Poisonwood Tree which freaked everyone out with its thoroughly bad reputation and nasty characteristics.

Big Pine Speed Trap

Speed Trap

Speed Trap entering Big Pine from the north

As you leave the bridge (Speed Limit 55 MPH) onto Big Pine Key from the north, you must already be slowed to 45 MPH (35 MPH at night) BEFORE leaving the bridge. If you slow after leaving the bridge you will be ticketed.

The Trooper sits right at the end of the bridge and there is no slack.

This ticket is the first time I felt I was really tricked into a ticket.

For more information about speed traps see