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New Hot Water Heater (December 2013)

Hot Water Heater level-crop-small

We just installed a new hot water heater. This one is a 40 gal. tank that replaces the on demand heater that had proved so unreliable. I had to build a platform above the pool equipment table to get it near the plumbing hook ups. I had a contractor build a cabinet for it so it will be protected from the elements (salt air).


New TV and Media Cabinet

ImageWe finally replaced the old fashioned 32 inch TV with a flat screen. It is a 46 inch Samsung LED. We also got a new media cabinet to hold the cable box, stereo, cable modem, wireless router, and DVD player.

The TV is mounted on a swivel mount that comes out from the wall and turns. I ran the wires behind the wall so it looks pretty neat.

This really frees up a lot of space that the old TV took up when it was rolled out for watching.

Here is a close up of the new stuff.